Don’t Drop The Ball With Your Design!

Design Or Disaster: Don’t Drop The Ball With Your Design!


We’ve all heard the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Truer words couldn’t have been spoken, especially in today’s society. In today’s world, writing alone to describe products or services is most certainly not enough to draw people to what you have to offer. The reality is: we live in a very visual world. People don’t really care about what you have to “tell” them; a lot of times, they just want to see pictures. Of course, we’re not telling you to stop gabbing about what you have to offer; it’s an undeniable fact, though, that pictures take your words to another level on the playing field of life!

Many people, whether business owners, artists, politicians, and others who use the Internet to market themselves need to realize the full potential of graphic design. Don’t limit the importance of having those flashy pictures and fancy writing only to websites. Business cards, flyers, brochures, and all other forms of visual media need that tender love and care as well if you want to reel your audience in. We like to look at it as if it’s a form of fishing; set the bait, and the fish will flock to it.

Another thing to consider is that people’s attention-span is about as long as it takes for a printer to roll out a single sheet of paper. You might be wondering what that has to do with anything. The idea is to create designs and texts that will grab your audience’s attention and stick in their mind. It’s like baking that perfect cake, or creating the ultimate candy bar. It’s all about making a lasting impression on people with the way you present that card, flyer, or website. It is ultimately the graphic designer’s creativity and knowledge that will target the audience properly.

Mobil apps, the dissemination of digital information, website development, and even live-streaming all entail the use of graphic design. Political campaigns, commercials, newspapers, and digital media all need those catchy pictures and phrases to get the message across to your audience. Whether the message needs to be delivered instantly or over time, the pictures and words that are used will be the net to draw your audience in and keep them there. A simple design can actually be used to provide education and information to people you want to school about what you’re doing. It’s all in how you present your info.

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