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Be on Top of Your Competitor, Literally

Our search engine optimization strategy and professional marketing in regards to SEO as well will help you rank better than your competitors.

Why are we so confident in this regard? That’s what we do at SolutionsPal. We develop the best search engine marketing strategies and campaigns that are decisive and deliver. We have helped many companies from a small local business entities to those who have brands with a national and global scope. Our goal with each client is simple; increase their presence online and help them find success.

Often times, SEO strategies are overlooked by site developers and designers. Yet, this is perhaps the most important part of a businesses online strategy. With proper design and maintenance, search engine optimization is a powerful tool. Proper SEO tells the big search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing the identity of your online business, its importance, and how relevant the content ranks as compared to other similar websites. If attention is skipped in this area, your rank king will suffer. That could mean you never get discovered and as such, your revenue begins to flat line or worse, completely wither. We are the Michigan SEO company that will not let that happen.

Our Results Deliver

With most other companies that specialize in search engine marketing, probably outsourced to countries like India and China, you will be promised the moon and given a moon rock. That is not the case with SoutionsPal. We are a West Bloomfield, Michigan business and have a reputation to uphold and standards to maintain. Our first commitment is to you and your online presence. We take great pride in being able to deliver on our claims, and will work to make sure your expectations are met.

Our Clients Include:

Law Firms

Doctors & Medical


eCommerce Websites